How to setup Wi-Fi on ER805


The ER805 can be used as an AP to provide wireless network access with multiple SSIDs. Users can customize the usage and configuration of different SSIDs. Here is how to set it up.

Points to note:

l  A device has two primary SSIDs (2.4G and 5G) by default, which cannot be modified or deleted.

l  The added SSID frequency band cannot be modified. The channel is automatically consistent with that of the primary SSID

l  If you create a Wi-Fi(STA) interface on the [Internet] menu, SSIDs in the same frequency band as the Wi-Fi(STA) interface cannot be enabled until the STA interface is deleted


1. Connect PC directly to router and log into router at using default credentials (adm/123456)

2. Click the "Add" button to add a new SSID.


3. Set SSID and Password, other Settings are changed as needed.


4. View the result.



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