MTU Setting and fixing packet loss

1.What is the MTU?

MTU is Maximum Transmission Unit, which is the largest packet sent over a network. The unit of MTU is bytes. MTU determines what is the maximum size of packet that a router will allow. 

2. The size of MTU

If the MTU is too large, it will be rejected when encountering certain network interfaces that cannot handle larger packets. If MTU is too small, bigger packets will have to be fragmented, which will increase the workload and throughput, since a packet will have to be split into smaller packets. Most operating systems provide the user with a default value--1500, which is generally appropriate.

3. The setting on our device

For different carriers, MTU is not standard. For most ethernet devices, it is 1500, but for Verizon they only accept 1428. Too large or too small MTU will lead to the problems. On our device we have two options, static or dynamic MTU. We recommend to always use dynamic, which means the router will ask the carrier for their MTU size and change it.

4. How to set MTU on Inhand devices?

Go to NetworkàCellular, check the Show advanced options, scroll down to MTU, and confirm uncheck the static MTU.


And you could check MTU of your device via



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