IR300/CR202 Link Backup

If you want to use your regular internet as your primary, and use cellular as backup when your primary is down, IR302/305 or CR202 Link backup function could help you switch the uplink automatically. 

Note: Only CR202 with firmware V1.0.13 or later support this function. Please find latest firmware here:

  1. By default, WAN/LAN port on IR302/CR202 is a LAN port, we need to change it to a WAN port first. Go to network>>WAN/LAN switch, change the settings to following:33aa2241249f2863a085c2e58a134828.png
  2. Connect your primary WAN to IR302's WAN/LAN port. Go to Status>>Network Connections to check if WAN interface is getting an IP address. Note: Please make sure IP addresses for WAN and LAN interfaces are in different subnets.
  3. Go to Network>>Link Backup, enable. Change the settings to following:a2cc873c3b178e9a44b61d6f3f59641e.png
  4. All done. now all client devices on LAN2 and WiFi should be getting WAN as primary and cellular as secondary.


this works great as i have had it this way for some time question is if i want it to work in reverse. Main Link =Cellular 1, and Backup Link=WAN, it does not work now, i have all 9 of my devices IR302's at current firmware. the Cell connects, in reverse but no routing at all. if i activate the restart interface when ICMP failed it just reboots and reboots over and over i use ping command and no success but Cellular is online and active

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