How to set up APN on IR300 or IR600

  1.  Connect PC to router, open web browser and go to (if this doesn't work, try incognito mode with  Log in with default username and password on the label of the router (adm/123456)b382a34165306c555bd2ade3a99f6430.jpg
  2.       Go to Network>Cellular.

  3.            Confirm SIM1 Network Provider is Profiles 1.

  4.       Scroll to the bottom of the page on the profiles table, click on the blank below APN to edit, set APN to desired value. Note: Make sure you click on the blank on the same row as Index 1.cee56b87f8b783d4566dabec821490ae.jpg

  5.       Hit OK on the right and apply on the bottom. 


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