port mapping/forwarding of IR615

I've got a Verizon static SIM card, and I added APN manually to make it work. Now I want to use this static IP to access my controller connected to the IR615.

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Port mapping/forwarding allows remote computers (for example, computers on the
Internet) to connect to a specific computer or service within a private local-area network
As the following show, any device which is capable of reaching internet can access the IP
camera on site A ( via port mapping (
Here we configure the testing IR615 at site A.
After login to the Web UI, you can navigate to Status->Network Connections to check the
static IP of the device. The cellular Static IP of our testing IR615 is

Then you can navigate to Status->Device List to check the connected devices and their
assigned IP addresses. The IP of our testing camera is
Firewall-> Port Mapping
Source IP: (allow any IP from the external port-Cellular 1)
Service port: the service ports opened on the router.
Internal Address: IP addresses of the lower end devices.
Internal ports: service port of the lower end devices.
For example, here is when any external address accesses port 8001 of (assume
it is dial-up assignment), it actually accesses port 80 of (lower side IP camera).
The PC at site B can enter to access the IP camara on site A.

I found the above solution doesn't work, at least via T-Mobile.  

What did work was creating a TCP tunnel via the InHand Device Manager web console in the 'Remote Manager' tab of the Gateway. Allowed me to get to the web console of my Algo SIP Horn

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