Modbus Data Type

I'm trying to set up Modbus on the IG502 and the data type defaults to "BIT" but it is a 16-bit word or 32-bit word. 

Why can't this be changed? 

I'm also trying to post a picture here to show issues but this site will not let you even though it is an option when you post.   It shows an error but it is not in english.  

Are there no better instructions anywhere? 


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The data type of the measuring point cannot be changed, you can delete and re-add the measuring point to change the data type.The reason why it cannot be changed is because the measuring points of different data types occupy Modbus registers of different lengths. Therefore, only when the data type of the measuring point is determined, the measuring point can be mapped to the Modbus Slave for the upper computer to read the data of the measuring point.

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