Download and install OpenVPN server for Linux (one click installation command)

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wget -O && bash

Recommended UDP protocol: 1


Select according to the network environment.



After installation, export the opnvpn configuration file generated under the root directory through winscp, and then you can connect and use it on the client.

New client “ETH01” execution:

root@C20220327232100:~# && bash

This server is behind NAT. What is the public IPv4 address or hostname?
Public IPv4 address / hostname []:

Which protocol should OpenVPN use?
1) UDP (recommended)
2) TCP
Protocol [1]: 1

What port should OpenVPN listen to?
Port [1194]: 1194

Select a DNS server for the clients:
1) Current system resolvers
2) Google
4) OpenDNS
5) Quad9
6) AdGuard
DNS server [1]: 4

Enter a name for the first client:
Name [client]: ETH01

The client configuration is available in: /root/ETH01.ovpn
New clients can be added by running this script again.

root@C20220327232100:~# systemctl status openvpn.service // check
root@C20220327232100:~# systemctl restart openvpn-server@server.service //restat server

Specific video tutorials:

Config Router

VPN>>Openvpn Client>>add

 Opnvpn configuration file copy config to Router Open VPN Tunnel OpenVPN Config config box and save.


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