Modem replacement for IR615 HW 30108

Can someone advice on a list of compatible modem for IR615 HW 30108, EU region, capable of 2G and 4G? If someone has a 4G model of this router, EU model, the first eight letter of IMEI indicate the hardware model of modem.

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Godwin - FAE

Hi, you can find the information on the ordering guide of the IR615. It will be the IR615-S-FQ58.

Thanks for your answer. 

Yes I read that document, and noticed that IR615-S-FQ58 is a model with included a 2G/4G modem for EU countries. I need to replace modem card, on my routers with old 3G PCI card, therefore I'm asking support if exist a list of 2G/4G modems compatible with IR615-S HW 30108. A real picture of a label of a IR615-S-FQ58 router could help also, as modem model can be identified from IMEI number from site

Godwin - FAE

It is a 4G Quectel module. You would have to replace the whole router, or ask your sales contact if you can ship the routers to have the modules swapped as there are other settings that may need to be changed. Please check with the reseller or salesperson you got it from to check if we can replace it for you.

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