IG902H AWS IoT Greengrass import and installation failure


I’m Eng. Giuseppe Ferro from M2D company. We are from Italy.
Could you help me with 
AWS IoT Greengrass installation and configuration?
There is nothing on internet or documentation about it.

I’m not able to import Key and Certs.
I have installed 
1.10.2-RC1 greengrass sdk version importing greengrass-1.10.2-RC1.tar.gz file

InformationOct 5 13:49:39api_gateway[1825]: upload file:/tmp/files/import/cert.tar.gz,size:6435
InformationOct 5 13:49:39agent[4251]: 4040:Install AWS IoT Greengrass (cert/public key/private key) failed.

the imported file cert.tar.gz

contains all IoT Core Thing certificates 

Any help is appreciated

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