VLANs cannot access Internet.

We have a IR615 router with 4G service, and we have setup the default VLAN (VLAN ID=1, port LAN 1) with IP Everything else is default settings. When I plug in a laptop with IP address, GW=, DNS=, I am able to surf on the Internet. 

We added a VLAN ID=2 with IP on port LAN 2. I changed my laptop IP address to, GW=, but I am not able to ping or surf on the Internet.

I did my research and looks like I am missing some static routes. Can anyone show me how to enter the static routes to allow VLAN 2 access the Internet?

Thanks very much!

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Godwin - FAE

Hi Jamie,

Can you please email me a copy of your config file? Under System>Config Management>Backup. I would like to double check the settings, I don't believe it is an issue with static routing.

My email is godwin.wey@inhandnetworks.com.

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