IR302 setup VPN for one internal IP and bypass VPN for Wifi user


I have setup an IR302 Router with a VPN service. I am able to use the VPN IP address for the system and connect to a modbus device that is plugged into the LAN port. However the VPN is not as fast as my ISP. I have been trying to figure out the right way to direct my internal ip through the VPN tunnel and have the wifi users bypass that tunnel. Is it even possible. -> lan port to use the vpn (this can be changed to whatever if required. Currently assigned as static IP via the Mac address.)

I have DHCP enable and setup to enable -

I was thinking of trying to limit the DHCP range to exclude the static .10 address but not sure if that is the right way to approach this. I have recently changed the SNAT source IP from being as I found that I could not access the Internet from the wifi connection and now I can.

Would it be better to open the subnet up so I can have a DHCP range of and then configure NAT to somehow only use the wan interface? I did try to relate this to the article

 Application Guide for Easy OpenVPN Multiclient Mode Setup
But I am not sure about creating another tunnel. Your thoughts and input are appreciated.



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