IR302 firmware

Hi, i recently bought 9 routers IR302 and 3 of its has a lower firmware v3.5.50, the others has v3.5.59.

Where can i found the newer firmware (in the download section only are available the v3.5.50), the problem that i have is when i try to import the configuration from a newer version to a previous gives an error (in both network and router configuration).


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Link is bad "error 404"

A fishing expedition turned up the correct link.

Start at the product info page and find the documentation at the bottom.

The link there to Firmware takes you to the 402 Not Found page

But at the top of the section, there are links to several categories (Enterprise Network, Industrial Digitalization, Digital Energy, etc.)

Hit up Enterprise and follow the link for IR300 4G Cellular Routers 

and find the Firmware link for InRouter3XX-V3.5.63.bin and InRouter3XX-V3.5.65.bin.

Looks like someone made some directory/file changes and didn't fix the upstream links.

I wonder why the Download Center is different, and out of date. Confusing. Would be nice if everything was consolidated.

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