What is the Dual-SIM switch mechanism of IR302?

Main SIM card is the SIM card that enables dialing first after the device is on. When Main SIM is disconnected for some reason or fail to dial up, and then Backup SIM will be on.

The settings of Max Number of Dial, CSQ Threshold and Min connected time are applied to both cards, and each parameter should stay the same.

Max Number of Dial: If the current SIM card fails to dial continuously and reaches the max number, it will switch to another SIM card. (Max Number, 2 is recommended)

CSQ Threshold: Set 0 to disable detecting signal, and set it to non-zero to enable it. The current detection interval is fixed at 120s, the number of detection is 10 times, and 10 times of consecutive detection is below the signal threshold and then switch to another SIM.

Min connected time: If the network is not disconnected within the minimum connection time after successful dialing, the network will connect to the current card that is considered normal, and the current card will be used to dial the next redial.

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