How to solve the problem that the browser cannot access the IG configuration page

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** Problem phenomenon ** : 

Using Chrome (117 +) to access the gateway web page fails with 'ERR_SSL_KEY_USAGE_INCOMPATIBLE'

 ** Cause ** : 

As of version 117, Google Chrome no longer supports the SHA-1 signature algorithm, while earlier versions of IG502/IG902 use the signature algorithm that happens to be SHA-1. 

 ** Solution **: 

IG502 V2.1.10 or later, IG902 V2.1.6 or later, the certificate signing algorithm uses SHA-256 instead of SHA-1, after upgrading to these versions, Google Chrome can normally access the gateway web pages. 

To do this, install the Firefox browser (as of 2024.02.28, the latest version 123.0 supports SHA-1), and then use the Firefox browser to visit the Gateway web page to upgrade the version of the gateway firmware that supports SHA-256.

I applied your solution and all it`s working now. Thanks for shared it. 

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