Issues with remote connecting to private network

hi there

i just received my IR300. Hoping to set it up with OpenVPN to access some remote farm devices.

My network looks like the below (obviously, IP addresses here are not real values):

- Router 1: ADSL Intenet Router (IP:

- Router 2: IR300 router. WAN/LAN1: Connected to the Router1, getting IP from DHCP (

                                        LAN: Static IP (

                                        Cellular and Wifi connections are disabled

- Some field devices are connected to the LAN via a switch. All Static IPs. DEV1:, DEV2:

- Created an OpenVPN tunnel on IR300 (via profile file generated by OpenVPN). (Private Tunnel IP:

- An OpenVPN client is installed on my Windows 11 based laptop. (private tunnel UP:

Now below are some results of my trials when the Open VPN client turned on on my laptop


- I can ping WAN IP and every device that is on the Router1 network (192.168.100.XXX)

- I can ping the LAN IP address ( but NO OTHER device that is on the same network (

I have tried adding a few static routing lines to the IR300 router but haven't had luck with any of them.

Can someone help setup the system so I can ping and access DEV1 and DEV2 from the laptop?

Many Thanks in Advance,


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Godwin - FAE

Hi Joe,

Where are you pinging from? The ADSL router?

Please look at this article for reference, there is a section on setting up static routers.

If that still does not work, you may need to double check that DEV1 and DEV2 have static routes and default gateway set also.

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