IR302 Firewall is not working properly

I have IR302 with GSM with static and public IP address. Idea is to make setup when i have one device connected to IR302 in LAN, and i want to make "port forwarding" which will enable acces to that device from internet. But i want to allow only PCs from my office (also static public IP) to connect via IR302 to my device. I tried firewall->basic to block any other incoming traffic, firewall-> filtering to allow my office IP and block any other IPs, firewall-> device access filtering, firewall-> port mapping, but none of that method is working. I still can connect with my device from different IPs. Can you help with that problem?

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Hello Tom,

You should be able to configure the source IP, which is your office static public IP, on the Port Mapping page. Please go to "Firewall >> Port Mapping" and then input your office static IP to the "Source address" with /32.

BTW,  please upgrade the firmware to the latest one and have a try if it is not the latest one, which is InRouter3XX-V3.5.72.bin. You can find the latest firmware from:

If the issue is still there, please reply with log file and config file of IR302.

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