One click installation of L2TP server in Linux system

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root login systemwget --no-check-certificate https://raw.githubusercontent.com/teddysun/across/master/l2tp.shchmod +x l2tp.sh //Ch... ...查看全部

Download and install OpenVPN server for Linux (one click installation command)


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An example to configure GRE over IPSEC

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In this example, we give a very simple topology to make you easily understand how to configure GRE over IPSEC The topology afte... ...查看全部

The function of virtual private network (VPN) is to establish a private network on the public network for encrypted communication. It is widely used in enterprise network. VPN gateway realizes remote access by encrypting the data packet and converting the target address of the data packet. VPN can be realized by server, hardware, software and other means.