Official InHand Setup and Troubleshooting Guide (In Progress)

Hi, This will be a work in progress, but please check this post for updates on setup and troubleshooting.

For further troubleshooting topics not covered, please contact:


Section One: Device Setup

1. How to Setup APN:

        a. IR300 and IR600

        b. IR900

        c. IG502 and IG902 (to do)

        d. ER800

2. How to set up Wi-Fi:

        a. IR300 and IR600

        b. IR900

        c. IG502 and IG902 (to do)

        d. ER800 (to do)

3. How to create an online portal account:

        a. Device Manager

        b. InConnect Service

        c. InCloud

Section Two: Troubleshooting

1. Unable to Access Router on

2. Issues with connecting to Carrier (to do)

3. Port forwarding

4. Packet Loss and MTU

5. Data Usage (to do)

Section Three: Specific Applications

1. How to set router to connect to another Wi-Fi (WAN-STA)

2. How to set up link backup

3. How to set up Dual SIM cards

4. How to set up Dual SIM with specific bandwidth allowance (to do)

5. How to set up IP Passthrough

6. Application Guide for Easy OpenVPN Multiclient Mode Setup


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